How to Cope with Move Out Cleaning

Who loves cleaning? Definitely not me! I suppose that it’s not on your list with the top 10 things that you enjoy doing. But, unfortunately, there are some moments like moving out when you can’t avoid the end of tenancy cleaning. Do you want to reveal you a couple of useful tricks that will help you to cope with move out cleaning?

Move out cleaning is a bit more difficult than the regular one. It usually takes more time and efforts but if you know how to do it, cleaning could be as easy as pie.

1. Choose the right moment

There is no sense in cleaning up just before moving out. It’s better to let the movers take care of your stuff and then you could roll up your sleeves and make your old home spotless. It’ll be much easier to clean if there are fewer items. There will be no need to lift or move heavy pieces of furniture so you’ll handle faster.

2. How to do it

The best way would be to start from top to bottom. Dust all everywhere, remove all cobwebs, wipe surfaces. In the end, just hoover and mop the floor. If you’re not very excited to spend a day or two on rubbing floors and dusting, you could hire a professional cleaning company. This won’t cost you a fortune but will save you a lot of efforts.

Move out cleaning is not such a complicated task and if you consider these two simple tricks, you’ll have no trouble. But after the removal company deliver your stuff, it’ll be time to think about move-in cleaning. It never ends…

Post Tenancy Cleaning DIY

It is time for a new beginning. It will be challenging to get used to your new accommodation, but there is a lot to do before you feel that you miss your old home. The truth is that when you get involved in all the cleaning, packing you barely have enough time to think about it. It simply has to be done.

Post tenancy cleaning is not as hard as it seems. Consider it as a simple activity, the regular cleaning you have to perform weekly, but this time the room is almost empty. Cleaning should be preceded by packing in order to clean it all right away. If you insist on doing it on your own, you should have a good plan. Organize it in such a way that you will have enough time to move and arrange all the matters at the new lodgings.

Start by packing all the fragile items. Place them in protective air bags, and label the boxes. Use same size boxes for easy transporting. Mark them according to their contents, so when you unpack you can open the right box.

Next step in tenancy cleaning is the real cleaning. Start from the top down. Collect all spider cobs, then dust the furniture tops, clean the tables, and finally vacuum the floor. Give the bathroom a quick hot water cleaning and then use a detergent to deal with scum and dirt.

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