Money Issues: How to Move Out without Spending a Fortune

Most people have to consider a tight budget when they must change their home. As you probably know, removals could be quite expensive if you don’t keep an eye on your outlay. Here you can find a few very effective tricks that will help you move out without spending a fortune. Let’s see some of them…

Getting rid of all useless stuff is probably the most effective way to reduce moving cost. Almost every removal company calculate the price of each relocation on the grounds of that how much your stuff weighs. So if you bear in mind this fact, don’t you think that it’s a good idea to declutter a bit before the arrival of movers? In this way you won’t only cut down your moving expenses but also will facilitate yourself and your relocation will pass faster. There is also another benefit of reducing your belongings – you can make some extra cash on that. But how? Just sell them! eBay is a great option but even a simple garage sale will serve.

If you’re faced with a really tight budget, it’s worth considering DIY relocation. Although it’s not the best choice if you have a lot of breakables and valuable items, sometimes it’s the only way to reduce your cost.

It’s a good compromise to discover affordable removal services and take advantage of them. For example, you’ll save a couple of pounds if you choose to pack your stuff by yourself. But you’d better let professionals handle the rest of your relocation.

As you can see, it’s possible to change your home without spending a fortune. Just roll up your sleeves and move out!


Everybody knows that removals are not so cheap but like everything else in life it’s good to know well in advance exactly how much you’ll spend on your move. This will let you foresee your moving expenses. So… do you want to find out how your relocation charges will be formed?

Prepare for Some Relocation Expenses

The biggest question which everybody asks is “How much will it cost me?” At the end of the day, there are not so many lucky men who have few millions in their bank accounts so that most people have to mind how they spend their money. So what relocation expenses you should consider?

All removals London might be quite expensive if you’re not careful. That’s why let’s see for what you’ll be charged.

1. Packing materials

You should cough up some amount of money for moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and so on, of course, unless you are lucky and get them for free from kith and kin who changed their homes lately.

2. Transportation

This is probably the biggest outgo. You have a few options:

hire a van and move by yourself – it’s the right choice if you don’t have many belongings

man with a van – it’s a suitable decision if you have lots of stuff but not much furniture

moving company – you’ll need it if you have some bulky items

3. Cleaning

No matter if you rent a property or if you sell your home, you must leave it in perfect condition. Probably the best choice is to hire professional cleaners to manage with this task.

It’s not impossible to have cheap removals London, all you need is just some patience and time.

How Much Will You Spend on Relocation?

1. Amount of stuff

How much belongings should be transported is the main item that forms every moving price. That’s why it goes without saying that a move of a four-bedroom house is much more expensive than the relocation of a two-room flat and all proper movers would tell you that. If somebody promises you a really low price for a big property, don’t fail into this trap! Such offers are made usually by frauds.

2. Services

The amount of money that you’ll pay for your relocation depends a lot also on the type of services that you’ll take advantage of. You don’t expect to defray the same moving expenses, no matter whether professional moves have packed your belongings or you’ve done it by yourself, do you? If you must consider a tight budget, you’d better assess carefully what you’ll need help for and what you’ll be able to manage with by yourself.

3. Distance

Sometimes this factor should be considered too, especially if your new home is at the other end of the UK. You’d better have a word with your removal company where exactly is located your new home. It’s a must to know also is there easy access to the property, should be used stairs or lifts and so on.

Of course, there might be some additional charges, so you’d better talk with your movers and try to make it clear what exactly you’ll be charged for and how much.


There is no question that if you don’t plan your moving budget well in advance, you may realize that you’ve wasted a fortune in the end of your relocation. Don’t let that happen! Following 3 simple steps will let you set up your moving budget successfully and change your home without spending a lot of money.

3 Simple Steps to Set up Moving Budget

Step 1: How much can you afford to spend?

You have to consider how much money you have if you don’t want to be head over ears in dead-weight debt just because you’ve decided to change your home. Bear in mind that you’ll probably have a lot of expenses. That’s why you have to assess carefully whether you’ll spend a part of your savings or you’ll borrow some money. This is an important decision that will determine how you’ll set up your moving budget.

Step 2: What should you spend money on?

Next thing that you have to take care of decides how to allocate your funds. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t spend some cash only on taking advantage of experienced removal services but also on many other things. You’ll have to pay for packing materials, hiring a rental truck and so on. Don’t forget that you’ll be faced with many unexpected additional charges so you’d better hold some cash in reserve.

Step 3: How to prevent wasting money?

Which is the last thing that you have to do? Of course, you must find out a way to reduce your needless relocation costs. But how to do that? You can begin with discovering an affordable removal company, deciding what you can manage to do alone and so on. There are many ways to reduce your moving expenses and not to exceed your budget.

Set up your budget well in advance and you won’t run in debt because you’ve decided to move to a new home.

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