The Moving Mind-Set

The moving mind-set is also your commitment to staying on track from the beginning of the moving process until you are completely settled into your new community. The moving point necessary to lead your through this process is a checklist. If not, you might dangle off in the wrong direction and intensify your situation.

Maintaining the moving mind-set is often a challenge, especially for those of us who follow a partner’s career moves. For instance, I have a friend who abandoned her life and followed her husband on his career up the corporate ladder, to move around the country with the help of man and van West London. Making friends and losing the all almost each and every time she moved. Decorating the house and then having to sell it the following year. Learning her way around the neighbourhood and erasing that mental road map so she can relearn yet another town. The time she lost her identity was when her kids lost their friends and social standing in school. To be excited over some moves and devastated over others. Gives you a feeling of being isolated, not once but several times. Having to start from square one countless times. All of this is a lot to take in, but she is a survivor.

There is a positive side to being the trailing spouse, in spite of all the drawbacks. Being the observer, one can learn a great deal about people and how communities change from place to place. Also meeting many fascinating and knowledgeable people. Kids are more prompt to become more social and outgoing. Thanks to the life they lead they have a better understanding of what is important in life.

If your family is constantly moving you should adapt to it. Because that is the life you choose to lead from the start. That type of mind-set will help you go through a lot of hinders.

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